Posted by: Jeeliepiece | January 16, 2013

Stories galore

Other teds

The teds are gathered in the Dawn Treader chair for a good story.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Daphne Oxenford, whose somewhat severe but mellifluous tones formed the bulwark of childhood radio listening. Glad she made it to a grand old 93.

Childhood – the beginning of all enjoyment of the spoken word, the time when we understand that stories are the most important things we will ever hear…

Delighted to say that I will be working on illustrations to accompany books by Tom Muir and Bob Pegg this winter. The traditions of Hogmanay and the folktales of Orkney – rich pastures indeed. Black bun and bells, doors opened and closed, fire festivals, voice raised in song and clasped hands – ‘we twae hae paidled in the burn…’ and the overbrimming chalice of characters and mystery in the island tales.

Looking forward to it, look out for sketches and details here as the weeks go on.



  1. Glad to hear it, Faichers. I am still recovering from realising that I’m not following your blog. How did that happen FFS! Anyhoo. Now tuned in and ready to receive les bon mots etc…

  2. Not been much to follow lately, but getting my act together this year. Chirs buoy, as they say in Wick.

  3. Looking forward to the new stories and pics, Sheila. Andy

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